Saturday, March 28, 2009

acupuncturist extraordinaire

I want to introduce you to my dear friend, Nikki Wolf; a fabulous acupuncturist that you should know.
Everyone should know her because she is wonderful and intuitive and she's a good person to know. But if you are pregnant or if you have children and have considered acupuncture, then you should DEFINITELY know her.

Nikki specializes in maternity, post-partum and pediatrics. She is wonderful with kids, (she's a mom herself) and she has amazing success with labor prep and stimulation. I am not exaggerating here. I have a friend who went to see her for labor stimulation and her water broke on the table. To this day, that friend's husband calls Nikki "The Extractor." (Quite an image, yes?)

Anyway, check her out! Her site is under construction at the moment, but you can at least get her contact info by clicking here.

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Joan Leonard said...

So great to see Nikki again! I'm glad to see your photos showing acupuncture; it is such a powerful healing modality. It is so touching that Nikki specializes in maternity, and I love how she includes children in the process. Maybe these children will see healing rather than needles as they grow up. Love the photos!