Wednesday, April 8, 2009

this ain't your typical hotel snacks

I have photographed events in a LOT of hotels over the years. As an event photographer, you become familiar with the cuisine from all the venues out there, and some definitely stand out more than others. Hotels in general have a reputation of serving boring fare, and a lot of them live up to their lackluster reputation.

The Sheraton Seattle, however, NEVER ceases to impress me.

Last night, I photographed a party in the Cirrus Ballroom at The Sheraton and, once again, I kept being drawn back to the food. It was just SO pretty!
Since documentary food photography is a huge passion for me, I had to share some of these shots.

Bon appetit!!


dbarge said...

I gave up sweets for lent and really just want to eat a room full of Wally's creations! I too LOVE the Sheraton team and they always give me above and beyond - what a huge treat in this biz! Thanks for making my taste buds happy!

Gretchen said...

cheers! those are fantastic!

Pyzahn said...

That's some serious frou-frou food. Art on a plate.

Anonymous said...

You are such an artist Clare.
These shots are gorgeous.
Well done! DJ Leslie

Joan Leonard said...

Chefs really are artists, aren't they! I focus on making nourishing delicious foods for family, and have never really thought much about presentation. But these gorgeous photos show both beauty and lushious food. Beautiful, Clare!