Thursday, April 23, 2009

A glimpse into my world

A new body of work is in progress. Here's a peek.


karenparkhouse said...

very intruiging, clare. looks a bit like your cornish work but more mature... love them. Keep rocking it!

Nikki said...

Beautiful, Clare. Can't wait to see more!

Joan Leonard said...

These pieces really speak to me, Clare. Maybe part of it is the email I just sent you about fear-generating stories in the media, like the flu issue, and how that fear seems to affect so many people's enjoyment of life. Maybe another reason I connect to these pieces right now is that I've just returned from Annie and Giao's beautiful, peaceful farm and forest in Monroe, GA. I walked and sat outside every day, breathing deeply and enjoying the fresh, fragrant air, the pines, the grasses, the flowers, feeling so nurtured, healed and refresed by nature. Each of these photos shows barriers to nature reminding me how the media can rob us, if we let it, of the freedom to immerse ourselves in the beauty and wonder that is always around us and available to us, the soul-nurturing of the Earth. Beautiful work!

Tea said...

These are so moving, Clare--evocative in a beautiful and moody way. Lovely.

Kerry and Wes said...

Ooooh! That last one made me ache inside! In a good way!!

Anonymous said...

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