Tuesday, May 28, 2013

a little recap of the 2013 farm to table workshop

It's always so hard to write about my multi-day workshops after they end. Each group of students is so different and the class dynamic is always unique. This recent Farm to Table workshop was no exception.  Eleven women attended the 3-day event on Whidbey and all of them were, quite simply, AWESOME.

We visited and photographed 2 farms-- Willowood (which I wrote about here and here) and Little Brown, where the farm animals and students did some serious bonding, (photos below to prove it.) We also spent time at the Bayview Farmers Market, played with props, photographed a lot of produce and cheese, drank a good amount of wine, ate a lot of delicious food (thank you Sean, Joe, and Christine) and spent a fair amount of time laughing. It rocked.

 photo IMG_0910_zps2c66aeb2.jpg photo IMG_0888_zpsb742742c.jpg photo IMG_0884_zpsb17e7059.jpg photo IMG_0891_zps3db18b29.jpg photo IMG_0861_zps80267c80.jpg photo Untitled-3_zpsebc98c3a.jpg photo IMG_0923_zpsdddc8c6b.jpg photo IMG_0919_zps4012662b.jpg photo Untitled-2_zpsb5b2526d.jpg photo Untitled-1_zpse65adbd5.jpg photo IMG_0959_zps5fbb6069.jpg photo IMG_0974_zpsf3ce6833.jpg photo IMG_1024_zps609fea7d.jpg photo IMG_1049_zps34d60250.jpg photo IMG_1053_zpsf97dc9f5.jpg photo IMG_1055_zps9c7aeb47.jpg photo IMG_1107_zpsa589a494.jpg photo IMG_1097_zpsc964c466.jpg photo IMG_1096_zpse06ef4fc.jpg photo IMG_1084_zpsb9cd99e3.jpg photo IMG_1074_zps37f9d342.jpg photo IMG_1060_zps733d16b7.jpg photo IMG_0966_zps7b4c3022.jpg photo IMG_0956_zpsb3986394.jpg photo IMG_0944_zps0bc70ef0.jpg

Thank you to EVERYONE for helping to create such a magical weekend! Sending huge hugs to all of you. xo
 photo farm2table_01_zps8a32c0cb.jpg

Monday, May 13, 2013

malts & milkshakes is on the shelves!

For some reason, I was completely in the dark about the fact that Malts & Milkshakes (St. Martin's Press) hit the shelves last month!

This was such a sinfully delicious book to shoot! The author, Autumn Martin, is a goddess when it comes to all things sweet, tempting and decadent. Just check out her insanely good caramel sauce and take home molten chocolate cakes. Or go to her cute dessert shop in Ballard and see for yourself. :)

 photo 247649_199741256816665_138045361_n_zpsaaa75509.jpg photo 264536_199741246816666_1390576334_n_zps13af623c.jpg photo 263103_199741280149996_1274496475_n_zpsb0d94e64.jpg photo 13090_199741260149998_1228552861_n_zps72300ca7.jpg photo 417943_199741283483329_1361259894_n_zps3bb28224.jpg photo 943207_199741306816660_1647924136_n_zpsfba393b1.jpg

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

exciting giveaway!!

I've been in a giving mood lately, inspired by things like this article, and I have a very fun announcement!

Since I still have some spaces left in my 3-day Farm to Table photography workshop that's taking place on Whidbey Island in 3 weeks, (May 23-26), I want to give away ONE spot to a person that really wants to attend but just cannot financially swing it right now. All I ask is that you make sure you can definitely attend before entering your name.

How to enter: Send me an email (clare at clarebarboza dot com) and tell me why you want to be there.

I will be picking a winner this Friday by 5pm PST.

Good luck!