Monday, July 30, 2007

Becky and James

I must say, I just love weddings on boats. There is something so awesome about being on the water and looking at our city from such a unique and beautiful perspective.

My favorite boat in the area is the Virginia V, one of only two steam-powered wooden ships in the country. It was on this boat that Becky and James exchanged their vows on a gorgeous day in July. These two are some of the sweetest people around, and it was so great to photograph them, to be present for their extremely touching and personal ceremony, to see how in love they are, and how they always keep one another laughing.

Oh, and they got big points for the send off with sparklers...great photo opps!! :)


You've heard it a million times: 7.7.07 was THE day to get married this year. I received countless inquiries for this date but was thrilled to work with the completely lovely Alexis and Scott.

Lexie and Scott's wedding took place on some close friends' gorgeous property in Bellevue. The day was sunny and clear, the setting was perfect. Rented Elegance provided the huge, impressive tent, the event flowers, and a stylish lounge area. Guests not only enjoyed the feast prepared by Lisa Dupar Catering but also the couple's signature cocktail- the tasty chocolatini. Mmmmmm...

One of the most touching parts of the days' festivities was how Lexie and Scott involved Scott's daughter, Manon, in every aspect of the event. From the getting ready, to the ceremony, all the way through the dancing, Manon was there celebrating with her dad and new step-mom.
It was so fun to watch, and even more fun to capture in the photos!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Starr's wedding, part 2

Maybe I went a little overboard here, but I just had to post some photos from Starr's wedding. As I said in my previous post about her smashing event on July 4th, EIGHT photographers shot the wedding. Below are some of my shots.

A note about the image of Starr walking down the dirt road with the limo behind her:
This was one of the little snafus of the day, (and there is ALWAYS at least one!!)
Starr and Steve'e wedding took place on a gorgeous piece of property that was accessed by a looong, steep dirt driveway. Starr had explicitely told everyone to park their cars on the road above the house so that the limo would have room to turn around at the bottom of the driveway. When Starr and I arrived at the property to shoot her "first look" with Steve, we quickly discovered that there were cars parked in all the places they weren't supposed to be. We jumped out of the limo, (into a sea of nettles) and Starr, being the trouper that she is , hiked up her dress and marched on down the driveway. You gotta love the girl.