Thursday, June 25, 2009

winter and spring at kurtwood

Well, I have posted the seasons at Kurtwood Farms all out of order so far, (remember fall? And summer?), so I may as well continue the trend.

I love seeing the contrast between the two groups of images below; the cold light and damp of winter, and the new growth of spring.

(Oh, and you may notice there are images of bees. Yes, bees. Kurt raises them and makes honey. I entered into the shoot that day as the consummate professional, cool as a cucumber, even leaning in to get close ups of the little buggers.
And then the bees started chasing me and making a very angry noise. I ran away, screaming like a little girl and shouting profanity that I will not repeat here.
Do you see the types of hazards I encounter???)

And then spring finally arrived....

some of my family

Remember that I mentioned I have a really, really big family? Please indulge me while I feature a few more photos of them...:)

The little girl making crazy faces is my niece, Thea. She is four. I love her.
I also love her family dog, Ivy. Ivy is a rescued greyhound and pretty much the sweetest dog I have ever met. I wanted to take her home with me.

The insanely athletic teenagers featured below are the children of my cousin, Peter, and his wife, Jacquie. Joe and I stayed with this wonderful family in upstate New York, at the end of the trip.
I have never met nicer and more gracious teens in my life....truly.
(And, Aunt Carol, if you are reading this....I was only able to take a few shots of them because we didn't arrive until dinnertime. There will be more next time, I promise.)

Friday, June 19, 2009

two more great NY families...

These first shots are of the fabulous mother-son duo, Melissa and Nicholas.
Could they be any sweeter together? I love how happy Nicholas is....there were no shortage of smiles there!
(By the way, this session, as well as this family session was taken at The Brooklyn Botanic Garden...a gorgeous spot for photos!)

These next shots are of the Dow family. While these aren't the most candid of photos, (these kids love to pose and were HILARIOUS in front of the camera), I love how they turned out.
Colette and Dave, you have some cuties there!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

July portrait special!!

I am so excited that Mother Nature seems to be in a better mood these days, I am offering $50 off all portrait shoots* for the month of July. This includes maternity, kids, families, engagement, name it, I'll give you $50 off, (assuming it's a portrait shoot, that is.) The discount also applies to gift certificates, so if you are thinking about giving that special someone the gift of photography, July is the month to talk to me.

All packages include prints and a disc of all the high resolution files.

I recommend booking soon because availability is limited.

Enjoy the sun!!!

(*Offer does not apply to my shoot-only option.)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cuties in saratoga springs

In upstate New York, in the quaint town of Saratoga Springs, I photographed these three very active youngsters. It was, um, a tad challenging, but fun nonetheless.
Thank you, Kirsten, for being so flexible and relaxed. You are such a great mom to Max, Ellie and Sam!! :)