Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a recap of the gulf shores photography workshop-- via the iphone

Thank you to Helene, Laura, Libby, and all the AMAZING students who attended the Gulf Shores food photography workshop this past weekend.

I am so grateful to all of you. xoxo

 photo 922843_10200763856800955_109061191_n_zpsbbd897ff.jpg
 photo photo1_zps576639cb.jpg photo 603816_10200781910172278_1811337107_n_zpsd4e46ef5.jpg photo 3546_10200781912612339_1579095018_n_zps5d9bbac2.jpg photo photo5_zps139d7875.jpg photo photo4_zps6d4fdd01.jpg photo photo_zpsf3a70042.jpg photo 392434_10200777931632817_1282272991_n_zpsda36dcf7.jpg photo 936166_10200773664166133_1317558117_n_zpse503c226.jpg photo 395624_10200777053890874_424927113_n_zps7c70767f.jpg photo 551455_10200777197414462_637779066_n_zps009ace25.jpg photo 601893_10200777249375761_1959386836_n_zps4a06429b.jpg photo 524673_10200777385179156_1800013843_n_zps795838f9.jpg photo 27125_10200777391179306_985584337_n_zps17950070.jpg
 photo 486775_10200777939713019_1231094388_n_zpsfaba6e06.jpg photo 68518_10200777943473113_1499838428_n_zps37b5ebe2.jpg photo 27146_10200782343383108_1756837835_n_zps4a610ac1.jpg
 photo 644743_10200777380379036_546719282_n_zps16acadd0.jpg photo 3596_10200774073216359_1430849243_n_zps848d3ff3.jpg photo 934860_10200774286021679_2143799615_n_zps62acdd4a.jpg photo photo7_zpsd2c3f0a8.jpg photo photo8_zps155dfc10.jpg
 photo 310862_10200778370083778_190195974_n_zps337396ee.jpg
 photo photo6_zps8e0e7ef1.jpg photo photo9_zps267f665e.jpg photo photo10_zps67beded3.jpg photo 377159_10200782360863545_165635571_n_zps57b075ff.jpg
 photo photo2_zpsc73d6fd3.jpg photo photo3_zps53dcc466.jpg
 photo photo16_zps624f9514.jpg
 photo photo15_zps30019c85.jpg
 photo photo14_zps0c6b513d.jpg photo photo13_zpsf8ce5a8e.jpg
 photo photo12_zps2ccbbd59.jpg

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

american lamb board

When the American Lamb Board contacted me a few months back, I was immediately psyched. Anyone who is familiar with me and my work knows that my real passion lies in the story-telling aspect of my job-- the times when I can get out of the studio and into the field, (no pun intended) and photograph the people and places that help to bring our food to the table.
The Lamb Board was looking for just this kind of thing. They wanted to tell their story, and capture a working farm, a chef butchering and cooking lamb, and some finished recipes. So, over the course of the past few weeks, I've photographed a farm in Centralia, a chef in Portland, and a lot of beautiful food in my Seattle studio.

Take a peek at a few of the shots.
 photo 0071_lamb_zps8661b6ff.jpg photo 0065_lamb_zpsb47b92e1.jpg photo 0160_lamb_zpsdfde40ff.jpg photo 0281B_lamb_zpsd5675ceb.jpg photo 0349_lamb_zps183cd564.jpg photo 0420_lamb_zpsc2d9ec97.jpg photo 0459_lamb_zps1afbc1f2.jpg photo 0578_lamb_zpsc71a8d0f.jpg photo 0620_lamb_zpsa5d97f50.jpg photo 0693_lamb_zpse1c5e0fa.jpg
 photo platterofgrilledrack_zpscf680959.jpg
 photo tablescape_zps9118120c.jpg
 photo legoflambwithpesto_zps85496b43.jpg photo skewers_zpsa7bf0687.jpg photo gyros_zps3c6f157e.jpg
 photo lambchops_zps404e7a55.jpg
 photo burger_zps8f30b143.jpg
 photo grilledrack_zps114f358f.jpg