Wednesday, April 10, 2013

american lamb board

When the American Lamb Board contacted me a few months back, I was immediately psyched. Anyone who is familiar with me and my work knows that my real passion lies in the story-telling aspect of my job-- the times when I can get out of the studio and into the field, (no pun intended) and photograph the people and places that help to bring our food to the table.
The Lamb Board was looking for just this kind of thing. They wanted to tell their story, and capture a working farm, a chef butchering and cooking lamb, and some finished recipes. So, over the course of the past few weeks, I've photographed a farm in Centralia, a chef in Portland, and a lot of beautiful food in my Seattle studio.

Take a peek at a few of the shots.
 photo 0071_lamb_zps8661b6ff.jpg photo 0065_lamb_zpsb47b92e1.jpg photo 0160_lamb_zpsdfde40ff.jpg photo 0281B_lamb_zpsd5675ceb.jpg photo 0349_lamb_zps183cd564.jpg photo 0420_lamb_zpsc2d9ec97.jpg photo 0459_lamb_zps1afbc1f2.jpg photo 0578_lamb_zpsc71a8d0f.jpg photo 0620_lamb_zpsa5d97f50.jpg photo 0693_lamb_zpse1c5e0fa.jpg
 photo platterofgrilledrack_zpscf680959.jpg
 photo tablescape_zps9118120c.jpg
 photo legoflambwithpesto_zps85496b43.jpg photo skewers_zpsa7bf0687.jpg photo gyros_zps3c6f157e.jpg
 photo lambchops_zps404e7a55.jpg
 photo burger_zps8f30b143.jpg
 photo grilledrack_zps114f358f.jpg


danielle acken said...

Beautiful!! Inspired as always Clare!

Angela Anderson said...


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AmyRuth said...

Beautiful Clare! Plus, it is really gorgeous lamb.

Joan Leonard said...

Beautiful photographs!! The lambs look elegant...the farm is gorgeous, the butcher looks like he enjoys doing a perfect job. As always, your photos show the beauty, the perfection of the story you are telling with your photography, Clare. I look forward to seeing the whole book, and trying some of those delicious looking recipes.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos!