Sunday, January 31, 2016


As my son says, "I DID IT!! I DID IT!!!"
I made a goal to post every day this month, and I followed through. Hooray!

I wanted to wrap up this month of posting with some thoughts about where I would like to go from here.

A number of years back, I attended a workshop on how to build your business. One of the main things that has stayed with me from that class, is the idea that in order to really grow and accomplish those big dreams you have, you really need to "put it out there." This means everything from announcing your intention to the universe to talking about your goals to people. Lots of people. The idea is that you never really know where those conversations you have are going to lead you. This rings true for me.  The bulk of my business has been built by word of mouth, by conversations, by "putting it out there", by the synchronicity of things falling into place at the right time.

Since having my son, my business has undergone some changes. Some of my goals have shifted, some of my priorities have changed. What hasn't changed, however, is how much I absolutely love what I do, how much it excites and fuels me and how, after all these years, I am still in awe of the process of making images and capturing beauty in the world.

Now that Hugo is almost two, I am feeling that itch again to get out in the world again in a bigger way. I feel less home-bound and more eager to spread my wings.

So, in keeping with the notion of "putting it out there", I wanted to share some of my current goals/dreams for my business. Who knows where this could lead? ;)

•I want to build my client base on the east coast. It has always been my goal to be bi-coastal. Almost my entire family is on the east coast, and I want to spend more time there, particularly the Northeast.

•Along the lines of the above goal, I want to spend more time in Vermont. (Hey, Vermont! I want to come work there! And, PS- I love you!)

•I want to go and spend some time working and traveling in the UK. It keeps coming up in my mind. Interestingly, I get a LOT of emails and inquiries from that part of the world, (in fact, one of my favorite projects this past year was with a London author-- I cant wait to share that one) so I am hoping that's a sign that I'll get to work there for a bit. :)

•I want more jobs that involve visual story-telling. More documentary, more capturing of people doing what they do.

•I want to hit the road again. I want adventure in my business. I want to work all over this big beautiful country and go beyond the limits of being a "west coast photographer." Life is too short to limit yourself.

Happy 2016, people. Let's make it a magical year.


ZWP said...

Thank you thank you for sharing your thoughts. They're wonderfully inspiring and it really speaks to me... loads. Thank you and wishing you a happy 2016 :-)
Love from Switzerland

Alyssa (Everyday Maven) said...

This is awesome! You've inspired me to "put it out there" too. Love it!