Monday, January 25, 2016

it's another home makeover (part 2)

Okay, as I mentioned yesterday, Joe had 8 days to finish our kitchen makeover, as well as some additional painting and carpentry on our main floor. EIGHT DAYS, PEOPLE! In the world of home projects, that is not a lot of time. My man worked around the clock. It was a crazy, crazy time.

Unfortunately, when I was taking the "after" photos of our living room, I realized I never had a chance to take the official "before" photos. Because of that, I had to dig up some Christmas photos from a couple years ago because they will, at least, give you a sense of what the space originally looked like.

So, take note of a few things: the persimmon colored walls, the lack of trim around the threshold to the dining room, the darker furniture and color scheme:

Some detail shots of the ugliness that was our fireplace:

And here are the AFTER photos. New paint, smooth walls, (Joe resurfaced all the walls to get rid of the texture), molding added in the threshold between the living and dining rooms, new fireplace facade and mantel that Joe custom-built and a whole new color scheme and furniture.

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