Friday, January 15, 2016

gettin' crafty

I love love LOVE my job, and it's hugely creative, but there is just something totally amazing about turning off your brain, turning on an audiobook and making stuff, simply because it feels good.
And whenever I want inspiration and project ideas, I had over to Lia Griffith's site.

I met Lia a few years ago when she attended a couple of my workshops. Lia is lovely- inside and out- and one of the most creative people I have ever met in my life. Basically, EVERYTHING on her blog is charming, so I have no shortage of projects lined up.

I'm a tad self-conscious about sharing some of the things I have made, simply because I had never used embroidery thread or hand-sewn before working on these, and it shows. Also, I took a few small liberties with the projects when I didn't have the right materials (or know what I was doing.) But, regardless of all that, I love all the crafts I've made! And my son loves them, too.

Everything below, except for the mercury-light-inspired glass candle holders, are from Lia's site. The candle holders were made by following a tutorial I found here. Basically, I just bought a bunch of juice glasses at Goodwill and used those. I was originally going to give them as Christmas gifts but then decided they would look better in my house. :)

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Shannon Douglas said...

Okay, first of all, all of the things you made are absolutely ADORABLE! Second of all- I love that you listen to audiobooks and turn off your brain and craft because that is exactly one of my favorite things to do. And Lia is such a doll! Your house is adorable. I aspire to your interior design skills :)