Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ebey's landing (and a barn)

During the lovely weekend on Whidbey I recently mentioned, Joe, Nina, and I went on a little hike at the amazingly STUNNING Ebey's Landing. If you are in the area, I cannot recommend a visit strongly enough. The trail from the parking lot winds up from the beach and onto a high bluff. Your walk is bordered on one side by woods (or farmland at the beginning) and the other by a steep cliff that overlooks Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains. It's overwhelmingly gorgeous-- I think I had a smile on my face the whole time.
I wish I had a "real" photo of the view from the top-- the only one I took was on my phone because I don't like dragging my heavy-ass camera on hikes-- but you can view some snapshots on my Instagram feed. (Oh, and I just found this youtube video that shows the amazing view.)

The shot below was taken on the beach before heading up the trail.
 photo ebeyslanding_zps784f7fee.jpg

And the photo below....well, it has nothing at all to do with Whidbey or Ebey's Landing. I took it on our leisurely drive home. I have a thing for old barns. :)
 photo bampWbarn_zpsdf940039.jpg

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