Thursday, March 7, 2013

{farm story} glendale shepherd

 photo 0288_glendaleshepherd_zps6f0c711f.jpg

I recently got the opportunity to visit Glendale Shepherd, a small dairy on Whidbey Island, specializing in delicious sheep's milk cheese.

I'm having a hard time coming up with words to describe the beauty of this farm. The property, which has been in the Swanson family for 3 generations, is magical. Gorgeous, tall pine trees cover the grounds, with a winding pathway that leads down to the lower pasture and waterfront. There are numerous buildings on the property-- a tall, fort-like house that the family built themselves, a wood shop, a metal shop, a cheese-making facility, a greenhouse with a root cellar, a sewing room, and various barns. There are ample spaces for creativity, in addition to areas for practical work.

In short, I want to live there. :)

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Erica said...

Beautiful! Whidbey, the photos, all of it! Is this going to be a workshop site?

Clare said...
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Clare said...


Unfortunately, no, not this time around! But there are some other great farms we're visiting at the farm to table workshop in may! :)

Thanks for the nice words!

Joan Leonard said...

Is there a building built around a beautiful tree? Did I really see a tree growing in the middle of one of the buildings? Not only a gorgeous place, but magnificent in its respect for the Earth. Your exquisite photography made me see and feel the beauty of Glendale Shepherd Farm. Thank you!