Monday, March 4, 2013

little brown farm- a sneak peek

Joe and I spent a really great weekend on Whidbey. The past few days were filled with photo shoots, antique shopping, wine tasting, beach walks, and a lot of doggie play time.

While over there, one of my missions was to pay a visit to Little Brown Farm, one of the places participating in my Farm to Table workshop in May, (the other one participating is Willowood, a great organic vegetable farm on the island.) Little Brown produces a wide range of goat cheeses, goat yogurt, and a limited selection of goat milk caramels, toffee, and cajeta.

It's currently "mud season"on the farm, but during the workshop it will be a bit greener, drier (hopefully), and will have a whole group of little baby goats, in addition to a bunch of mama goats, bucks, dogs, cats, and a llama. The cute animals and the lush, beautiful 5 acres of farmland make for some awesome photo opps.

 photo 0007_littlebrown_zps90970efa.jpg photo 0017_littlebrown_zps5d8bf09a.jpg photo 0009_littlebrown_zps5a1d1c02.jpg photo 0019_littlebrown_zpsb5f9a2e9.jpg photo 0032_littlebrown_zps9d9aa634.jpg photo 0042_littlebrown_zps1ddc5058.jpg photo 0046_littlebrown_zps16e413cb.jpg photo 0056_littlebrown_zps4ae95b1a.jpg photo 0059_littlebrown_zps63186dca.jpg photo 0094_littlebrown_zpsb7b224f7.jpg photo 0113_littlebrown_zpsa0e0e6bc.jpg photo 0112_littlebrown_zps94485c09.jpg photo 0105_littlebrown_zpsb8c20c8a.jpg


Libby said...

Clare there are no words that would do justice to how spectacular these photographs are. This workshop will definitely be a big success. I will be the first in line to sign up for the next one.

Joan Leonard said...

Beautiful photos, Clare. Makes me want to wander out into farm country. That second to last shot: that goat is beautiful. Looks like a female who knows she is beautiful. You connect with the animals, don't you! How else could you get such personal shots?