Monday, August 3, 2015

march of dimes

I was recently hired by The March of Dimes for a shoot to promote the various food events they do to raise money throughout the year. They wanted a selection of small bites, along with an ingredient shot showcasing the foods that contain folic acid, since it was The March of Dimes that has actively promoted the link between taking folic acid during pregnancy and helping to prevent birth defects. Pretty awesome, huh?

It was an honor to work for these folks!


Beth said...

As always, beautiful photos! Love your work!

Unknown said...

What I like about these photographs is you did not use shallow depth of field like I see so often. I did like the wine glass photo tho. Really nice nice nice. I am not a photographer but just love looking at food photography. Keep you in my fravorites to watch each day.

Shannon Douglas said...

Yay! These turned out so super beautiful!