Friday, February 1, 2013

work in progress

I think it goes without saying that I absolutely love my job and feel incredibly lucky and blessed to be able to do what I love for a living. Having a creative profession totally rocks my world.

There is a drawback, though. I find that it's really hard to be creative in my non-work life without being incredibly critical of myself. Since I'm a "professional" in a visual field, I feel like I should be excellent at all things artsy. Having a degree in art makes the pressure and self-criticism even worse, (I talked about this a bit awhile back.)

But I miss making art. I miss playing. I miss the feeling of materials in my hands, instead of my fingers on a computer. I miss being messy.
And so I signed up for a mixed media and collage class at Pratt, and I am loving it. I am hooked.
I get to spend a good chunk of time each week playing with paper, paint, photographs, image transfers, thread, and found objects, and I could not be happier.

These are some detail shots of a few works in progress.
 photo IMG_1887_zpsc0856201.jpg photo IMG_1881_zps275e5fe7.jpg photo IMG_1883_zps38feba3d.jpg photo IMG_1885_zps9a49264e.jpg photo IMG_1882_zps87f2bcd0.jpg photo IMG_1889_zps081bcce9.jpg photo IMG_1890_zps123d7038.jpg


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Clare!

gina said...

these are crazy wonderful! i want to sign up for that class!