Wednesday, February 6, 2013

from a day at some botanical gardens

 photo IMG_8549_zps1a23f4ae.jpg photo IMG_8551_zps0d79f7ef.jpg photo IMG_8543_zpsbdadd1ab.jpg photo IMG_8557_zps023549dc.jpg photo IMG_8560_zps516f0165.jpg photo IMG_8561_zpsab88c40c.jpg photo IMG_8563_zps9a873db6.jpg photo IMG_8575_zps850856c0.jpg photo IMG_8578_zps6065ba4b.jpg
 photo IMG_8568_zps2c9b5ee8.jpg photo IMG_8572_zpsc8b1bf54.jpg photo IMG_8626_zps8cfa27e8.jpg


Andrew said...

Fantastic set. Especially like the first four 'green' shots

Joan Leonard said...

Gorgeous photos from beautiful Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, FL, right? Love them!

Shannon Oslick said...

oh my gosh Clare I just love these! Love getting to see the photographs you take when your out not on assignment. The doors in particular =)