Thursday, June 25, 2009

winter and spring at kurtwood

Well, I have posted the seasons at Kurtwood Farms all out of order so far, (remember fall? And summer?), so I may as well continue the trend.

I love seeing the contrast between the two groups of images below; the cold light and damp of winter, and the new growth of spring.

(Oh, and you may notice there are images of bees. Yes, bees. Kurt raises them and makes honey. I entered into the shoot that day as the consummate professional, cool as a cucumber, even leaning in to get close ups of the little buggers.
And then the bees started chasing me and making a very angry noise. I ran away, screaming like a little girl and shouting profanity that I will not repeat here.
Do you see the types of hazards I encounter???)

And then spring finally arrived....


Nurit "1 family. friendly. food." said...

What a beautiful farm. I love the photos of the changing seasons. Those winter raised beds look like graves in a way, and then in spring and summer are being filled with life and so much bounty.

Angie Burke said...

These always make me want to move home. Love the ones of your family below - Thea is gorgeous!

Joan Leonard said...

I love these photos of Kurtwood, Clare, especially the contrast between winter and spring. I feel that in winter/spring but it is so touching to see the contrast all in one sitting.