Saturday, May 23, 2009

Family photos in Baltimore

After a nine hour train ride on Thursday, I arrived in Baltimore from Brattleboro. The train ride was beautiful-- I passed through countless New England towns and some gorgeous countryside.

I am only in Baltimore for a few days and my one priority is hanging out with family. And, speaking of family, maybe this would be a good time to explain how I am able to travel all over the east coast and manage to stay with relatives for practically the whole trip.
My mother is one of eleven (11!!!!!!!) children so, needless to say, I have a LOT of cousins, (25 first cousins plus their kids equals a whole lotta cousins.)

In Baltimore, I am staying with my cousin, Jim, his wife, Charlene and their three daughters, Ruby, June, and Eve. (More family tree info: Remember my cousin, Joe, in Brattleboro? Jim is his brother. Our mothers are identical twins.)

Anyways, I have taken lots of photos of Jim, Char, and their girls. You can see some here and here. You may notice that their youngest, Eve, is not present in any of those photos, (seeing as how she hadn't been born yet) so I have been devoting quite a bit of camera time to her.
It certainly has been worth it because yesterday, while my camera was pointed at her, Eve started to crawl. It was very exciting. :)

I think my favorite photo, though, is the one of Junie's clothes after eating cherries. She sometimes has a hard time remembering the purpose of napkins.


Unknown said...

It's so great to see Jim, Char and the kids through such a talented eye. Great, just great.

Joan Leonard said...

What a hoot - those Ruby makeovers, June's cherry shirt, Eve's crawling - sounds like you are having fun. Beautiful pictures!

villa costa blanca said...

Hey Clare...
Come to your blog after long time... Your kids are so sweet and adorable... I like all the captures so much... Thanks for this impressive share..