Wednesday, April 29, 2009

jack and the tilt-shift lens

This is the second time I have photographed Jack. Both times, his parents have requested that I approach the session the same way I approach one of my fine art shoots. Which, for me, means that I whip out my favorite lens: the 90mm tilt-shift. Woo hoo!!

The challenge, though, is that my tilt-shift is a manual lens with a very narrow plane of focus. And you are probably aware that three-year olds are moving targets. It's a little challenging.

Despite that, I am thrilled with the shots I got. Jack is as cute as can be and my lens worked it's magic. Plus, we did the shoot at Gasworks, so we got some great colors.
You like that little yellow flower (aka: weed) that Jack is holding? All his idea. He's a cutie, that one.


Gretchen said...


Susan said...

All I can say is OMIGOD! I LOVE the sneak preview shots!

Tea said...

Is this the one you did while sick?
You are a wonder.

Clare said...

Thank you, Tea. Yes, I was pretty sick during this shoot and the client wanted to go ahead with it, anyway.
Glad they turned out well!

Anonymous said...

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