Monday, September 22, 2008

Karyn and Tony

On yet another rainy and dreary day this "summer", Karyn and Tony tied the knot at Shilshole Bay Beach Club. Despite the weather, this couple kept their sense of humor the whole time and were an absolute delight to photograph. All the craziness was definitely worth it because we were rewarded by a rain-free reception and a gorgeous rainbow that appeared near sunset. That was the highlight of the day....that, or Tony's's a close call. :)

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Anonymous said...

We just looked at them together and LOVE them!!! The first picture is especially meaningful because those are the pearls my father gave my mother, so a great shot to have captured. Also really like the shots at the Locks under the tree and next to the building. And Tony dancing is of course priceless...
Thanks again, they look wonderful!