Wednesday, December 3, 2014

workshop recap: farm to table 2014

I am embarrassingly late writing this recap. I blame the baby. He is a thief of time and sleep. At least the cuteness saves him.

The 2014 farm to table workshop was held in early October on Whidbey Island. As with past workshops, I totally scored with my students. They were truly awesome! It was such a fun, easy-going group.

This year, students visited and photographed one of my favorite Whidbey farms, Willowood Farm, and we added a new farm to the workshop: the gorgeous Glendale Shepherd. You can see some Willowood photos below. Unfortunately, I was unable to shoot Glendale Shepherd on this particular trip, but you can check out the photos from my previous visit. It's truly one of the most spectacular pieces of property I have ever seen.
The entire group (13 students plus me, my brother who cooked for everyone and my husband and mother who took care of our baby) stayed at the lovely Quintessa.

I have had the pleasure of staying at The Quintessa twice before-- once to celebrate my ten-year wedding anniversary, and once earlier this year. Both times were SO MUCH FUN. The property is beautiful, the house has 9 (NINE!) bedrooms plus a guesthouse, and the owners, Tessa and Carrie, are truly two of the kindest people you could ever hope to meet. It's a perfect spot to rent for large family gatherings, workshops or small events. It's also located on the southern part of the island, which is my favorite area-- near Langley, great beaches and the ferry dock.

My students did an amazing job with both the farm documentary and the food photography. It's always inspiring to see the creativity that emerges over the few days together. Each person's perspective is so unique!

This is truly my favorite workshop to teach. Stay tuned for info about the next one in 2015!


Rosalee said...

Looks like a really incredible workshop! I'm crossing my fingers for it being offered again in the spring!

Donna Hopkins said...

What a wonderful workshop experience - wish I had the opportunity to participate! Looks like heaven to me!