Thursday, September 18, 2014

pasta, 3 ways

I recently worked with a lovely student from Switzerland, who hired me to do a private workshop. She wanted to learn about styling, among other things. While I do not do my food styling for professional shoots, (I hire talented people for that), I DO do my own prop styling. I thought it would be fun for us to take the same food-- in this case, pasta-- and shoot it in 3 different styles. I liked the assignment so much, that I decided to do it myself, right along with her!

We spent some time looking at various websites and used specific sites as inspiration.
Can you tell which photographers influenced the shots below? :)


Charity said...

Jim Henkens, Le Tartine Gourmande, and Donna Hay?

Clare said...

Nice job, Charity! Two out of three!
The only one that's not right is Jim Henkens, but only because I'm not so familiar with his work. Is his style similar to that?
I was going more for a What-Katie-Ate vibe. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! My friend just linked me to your blog, as I have a "food photography" gig coming up in a week. Love your work so much! Could you tell me which lens(es) you would recommend for this type of photography? Thanks so much!

Clare said...

@Amyjensen- I used my 24-70mm 2.8L on all of these shots.
For food photography, I also love my 100mm macro and my 90mm tilt-shift.

Good luck!

Unknown said...

I love your work! As a (relatively) new food blogger/photographer, I am constantly on the lookout for those whose work I am moved by and can immediately learn from...You are at the top of this list. Thank you.

Shannon Oslick said...

I definitely got the WKA influence in that shot- love it!