Thursday, October 24, 2013

bon temps gourmet, worcester, vermont

I've talked a lot about the apple book I've been shooting for the past year. A good amount of the photography took place in the author's home state of Vermont and, as I've said time and again, I adore Vermont. When I flew out for the first big part of the shoot last year, Rowan recommended that I stay at his friends' vacation rental, located in the tiny town of Worcester, (about 15 minutes from Montpelier.) I took his advice and am so glad I did. I could not have asked for a more cozy and comfortable place to stay. The apartment is the kind of place you never want to leave-- vaulted ceilings, a cozy wood stove, a well-appointed kitchen, a fabulous bathroom with heated floors, a view of the brook in the backyard, and two hosts that are unbelievably kind, generous, and warm.

Greg and Gretchen, owners of this fabulous vacation rental, are also the amazing duo behind the catering company Bon Temps Gourmet. Gretchen is the consummate hostess and an amazing gardener and Greg is an incredible chef and home brewer. The two of them make a perfect team.

During my shoot in 2012, Gretchen asked if she could hire me to take some images for their business. Due to time constraints, it just wasn't able to happen on that trip. However, we made it work on this recent trip to Vermont. From an outdoor wedding with a big wood fire oven to a backyard dinner at Greg and Gretchen's house, I was able to document all aspects of Bon Temps Gourmet.

I hope the shots below give you a sense of what a special experience Greg and Gretchen create for their guests and clients. If you are ever visiting central Vermont, I cannot recommend their rental highly enough. In addition to all the goodness I described above, there are miles of hiking trails right across the street. It's magical.
Oh, and Greg's beer ROCKS. :)

Greg and Gretchen's property:
 photo 0053_bontemps_zpsad747779.jpg
 photo 0056_bontemps_zps057b750f.jpg
 photo 0715_bontemps_zps0f32bd61.jpg
 photo 0092_bontemps_zps1579b073.jpg
 photo 0718_bontemps_zps83ac2075.jpg
 photo 0693_bontemps_zps0f540e68.jpg
 photo 0689_bontemps_zps1b39fb7b.jpg

The vacation rental:
 photo 0442_bontemps_zps999d3566.jpg
 photo 0446_bontemps_zps2e7514a3.jpg
 photo bedroom_zps24709ce1.jpg
 photo kitchen_zps6cc0af7d.jpg
 photo nooks_zps39c3d714.jpg

The sauna and smokehouse, and some garden details:
 photo sauna_zps03e3d1ab.jpg
 photo smoker_zpsdc901bde.jpg
 photo gardendetails_zps08ec1883.jpg
 photo hopschard_zpsb517debf.jpg

Greg in the kitchen, and some beer-making details:
 photo houseandkitchen_zps530e7a0d.jpg
 photo beer_zps3a4d2cd4.jpg

Bon Temps Gourmet on location at a wedding, (this one featured a fantastic outdoor wood oven):
 photo 0136_bontemps_zpsc3f87782.jpg
 photo 0238_bontemps_zps3fb2a6be.jpg
 photo 0259_bontemps_zpsd8d173db.jpg
 photo 0221_bontemps_zpsc55e7ef8.jpg
 photo apps_zpsf63cf82d.jpg photo staff_zpsf3d4cc53.jpg photo 0339_bontemps_zps1feb6f4f.jpg photo g2_zps5c5becbb.jpg photo woodfired_zpsfad8cfd3.jpg

A backyard dinner prepared for all of us:
 photo glasses_zps0ff386a8.jpg
 photo meat_zpsc5562e52.jpg
 photo spread_zpsddf125b0.jpg
 photo salsa_zpsee0a3394.jpg
 photo herbs_zpsab83c0a3.jpg
 photo prep_zpsd8331d25.jpg
 photo pre-cook_zpsb232e1d5.jpg
 photo 0866_bontemps_zpsd14e99e0.jpg
 photo tacos_zps680536ca.jpg
 photo salad_zps95c376a8.jpg
 photo chicken_zps83b3f401.jpg
 photo 1031_bontemps_zps4586360a.jpg
 photo 1034_bontemps_zps42a0eb62.jpg
 photo 1040_bontemps_zpse8f477e5.jpg

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Oh my! My New England roots are calling to me. Might there be a family get-together some summer in Vermont? Yes? Yes!!