Monday, July 2, 2012

back deck makeover

I may have mentioned once or twice that this is the summer of home projects.

This past week, Joe and I started work on the backyard. My personal project was the deck and, unfortunately, I forgot to take some "before" pictures. Image this: a deck covered with leaves and pollen that hadn't been swept off in months, planter boxes that had sat empty for YEARS, and a bunch of boxes that we were too lazy to haul down to our storage rooms in the basement.

Check out the "after" shots below...

See those old windows? I bought those awhile back because I loved the look of them and then found some great ideas about how to use them via Pinterest. I LOVE the way they worked on our deck. They create the illusion of a privacy barrier between us and our view of the neighbors, but still let the light in.

Clearly, I need to find some more windows for the other side of the deck...

Our planting containers are now FULL!
And see those red candle holders? I have since replaced them with hanging lanterns. The wind kept blowing out my candles so I had to find something that prevented that from happening.

The piece below was found on our road trip in one of the antique stores we visited. I ended up drilling holes in the bottom for drainage and making it into a planter box.

Celebratory wine and snacks on our beautiful deck!


Jeanne said...

OMG. The most charming back deck ever! I love it, Clare! You guys did a terrific job!

meg- grow and resist said...

Clare- looks fantastic! I love the windows and the planter box! I used old windows to create illusion of barrier for the under part of our deck without putting something solid there too. Love it!

Joan Leonard said...

Your deck is so inviting, Clare and Joe! Why, yes, I can come to visit soon. How about mid-August? Seriously, the windows, the planter boxes, the candles, the FLOWERS, the wine and snacks. How wonderful! You two are geniuses of design.

Marvel Farias said...

Ooh, I love the sentimental look of your deck! Using recycled windows, hanging lanterns, and antique pieces to add life to your deck is a genius move. If you want more windows, you can actually purchase some from garage sales and redecorate them yourself. There a lot of DIY tutorials in the internet that can help you. Good luck!

Unknown said...

You definitely deserve that celebratory wine and snacks! I just love how you made your deck into a vintage haven by combining the elements of the recycled windows and some color. For those additional windows that you’re talking about, how about making them into an art canvass to give them more character? =)

Barrett Elmore

Becky Steele said...

I love what you did with the old windows, Clare! You positioned them in a way that your back deck seems like an indoor space with invisible walls. :) It was a very nice touchup. Actually, this is the first time I encountered the idea.