Sunday, February 19, 2012

it's a cake i made


(gluten free & vegan chocolate cake sweetened with maple syrup and prunes. And, yes, it was actually really good. You can find the cake recipe here.)

(Oh, PS- the icing I made was NOT vegan.)


Vera said...

No link for the icing? :)

Clare said...

Hi Vera,

As I mentioned before, it's not a vegan icing. (Consider yourself warned!) :)

I had a craving for cream cheese frosting, so I made that. I used softened, room temp cream cheese, added a couple TB creamed honey, a splash of vanilla, and thinned it with coconut milk until it was the consistency I wanted. I don't like things overly sweet so I went easy on the honey.

If you want a vegan icing recipe, I thought the following one looked good, although I haven't made it yet:

Enjoy! :)

Amber said...

Looks delicious.

Unknown said...

Getting ready for dinner here and now all I can think of is I WANT THIS CAKE!! looks scrumptious!!! thanks for sharing!

Joan Leonard said...

Wow! This looks and sounds fabulous. I am not vegan, and avoid sugar rather than use agave or maple syrup. I love beets though, and enjoy prunes. It certainly is worth a try since some of my guests are vegan.

Thanks! I suspect your great photography skills are not solely responsible for this delicious-looking cake.