Thursday, January 19, 2012

so cal workshop

Hey you, Southern California people. You know who you are. I am gonna be down your way in April, teaching a Natural Light Food Photography workshop and I think you should come.

It's on April 21st at a private home in Ladera Ranch. We're going to talk about all sorts of fun things-- props, composition, light, exposure and basically how to make your food look pretty in pictures. Since I am driving down there from Seattle, I'll be able to bring some props from my studio for you to play with.
The fee is $300 and includes lunch.

This is going to be FUN, so I hope to see you there!!

(Interested? Email me at clare at clarebarboza dot com to register.)



Unknown said...

WOW would I ever love to attend one of your great workshops. Do you have 3 day day type workshops available in Seattle?

Clare said...

Hi Tammy,

I haven't scheduled a 3-day class in Seattle, but that sounds like a GREAT idea! I'll have to start planning one....:)

However, I DO offer 1-day workshops at my studio in Seattle every month. You can check out the upcoming offerings here: