Monday, January 30, 2012

2 more workshops you should know about

I am taking a short break from the cookbook shoot posts, (the finale will come later this week) to tell you about 2 more workshops on my Cross Country Roadtrip Extravaganza.

I have already mentioned the workshop that is happening in Southern California on April 21st. Now it's time to tell you about two of the weekends following that one.

First, on April 28th, I will be teaching a class 45 minutes outside of Denver, Colorado at the farm owned by Fruition Restaurant.
This restaurant was recommended to me by my cousin who lives in Denver, and was hailed as one of their all-time favorite spots in the city. After talking to the chef and learning more about the philosophy at Fruition, we both decided that their farm would be the best spot to hold the class. Not only do students get to learn about natural light food photography, but they will also get the opportunity to capture a sense of place and tell a story about a working farm with their photos.
The class is $300 and includes lunch. (NOTE: the deadline for registration is April 12)

Then, on May 12th, I will be in Poland, Ohio, (which is located 1 hour from Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Akron/Canton, and 6 hours from Chicago and NYC) at the lovely studio of Kate Echle.
This class will cover all the basics of natural light food photography and will focus on an entirely VEGAN menu! Kate has graciously offered to include breakfast, coffee and tea, and I will provide lunch, so students will not only get to spend their day playing with food and pretty props, but they will also be very well fed!! :)
Class is $300.

To register for either workshop, please email me at clare at

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