Tuesday, January 4, 2011

just call me the traveling workshop gal

This year, I am hitting the road.

Are you interested in me teaching a workshop in your city? Let's make it happen!!
I love to travel and am open to going anywhere. However, there need to be a few things in place.

First, if you are interested in a food photography workshop, I need a space to teach. A restaurant with lots of windows works perfectly-- there are plenty of dishes and "props" to use, a good amount of natural light, and (hopefully) a chef who will collaborate with me.

Second, I need to fill the class.
Since I am in Seattle, and because I do not have an unlimited advertising budget, I need your help in spreading the word. Of course, I will blog, tweet, and facebook my butt off about any class I am offering, but if you want me to come to your city, I would love it if you would also do some blogging or tweeting or facebooking on your end. :)

I am just starting to lay down some very loose plans, but it looks like a Denver workshop is definitely going to happen, most likely in summer. I have been offered a space to teach in Oakland, so that's definitely a possibility, probably around the same time frame. Also, I will be in Massachusetts and Vermont in April and am working to line up work while I am there.

As plans get firmed up, I will be blogging about my itinerary.
In the meantime, email and let me know if you have a specific idea. As far as I am concerned, 2011 is going to be all about new experiences and adventure!



kimberly at mimicharmante said...

I'm simply happy that I live in Seattle...
'nuff said.

villa calonge said...

Really a awesome captures of food.Your post makes me to feel appetite.When i get something about the things you need or have some job that you wish, i will surely contact you.