Friday, February 26, 2010

Fishing Vessel St. Jude

I have been hearing about Fishing Vessel St. Jude for years. I know that their tuna tastes delicious and has dramatically less mercury than other canned tuna on the market, that they are the favorite tuna supplier for local restaurants like Tilth and TASTE, and that everyone has a soft place in their heart for owner, Joe Malley.
So, I had some high expectations when I drove out to Westport to take photos of FV St. Jude and, I am happy to report, I was not disappointed.
Joe and his wife, Joyce, are such warm and engaging people. Joe spent a couple hours answering questions and talking about the fishing process, the history of St. Jude, and the reasons behind the decisions they have made. He was humble, kind, and incredibly articulate.
Plus, the boat was so much fun to shoot.

Thank you, Joe and Joyce, for making the trip down south to meet me and show me around the St. Jude! I look forward to the next time!


Sharlane said...

Your pictures make me want to be a fisherman...except I get sea-sick...and I NEED a shower each and every day...and I'm not sure I could actually do the work... What I meant to say was I like your pictures of the fishermen...

Joan Leonard said...

Wow, you sure have some fascinating adventures. A fishing vessel! Again, your choices of subject for the photos give me such a sense of "a day in the life". Even the dark and overcast Northwest day doesn't deter from the beauty of the photos.

Joyce Malley said...

HI Clare, Just came across some of your beautiful photographs of our tuna and other shots you took. Your pages are soooo beautiful.
Happy Holidays and hope you are well. Joe and Joyce Malley
(Thank you for the lovely pictures that you took of our tuna) Joe and Joyce Malley