Friday, January 29, 2010

A peek into Tilth

Tilth, owned by James Beard award winner, Maria Hines, really IS as good as you have heard.
The menu changes monthly, depending on what's in season and available from the local producers that Tilth supports. The food is creative and elegant, yet still comforting and approachable.

I have been hired to do a bunch of new photography for Tilth, which has been so fun. The staff is incredibly kind and Maria is just as amazing as you would expect.

Here are some shots from two recent shoots: one documenting life in the kitchen and restaurant, and one focused more on winter food items.

Bon Apetit! :)


Angie said...

Love the B&W shots - they almost look like something shot in the 50's by a French photojournalist. (Of course, they were shot by someone even more fantastic . . .)

Tom said...

Wow, great shots! Love the mix of color and B&W. Thanks for sharing.

Joan Leonard said...

Gorgeous work as usual! I recognized my feelings as being similar to my thoughts at a ballet: "it looks so easy", but I knew the ease was due to years of striving for perfection. That's like your work, Clare. You show the chefs, immersed in mindfulness and focus in their work, and you beautifully capture their intensity, their artful creations and the moment. It looks so easy, but I am awed by the perfection you have achieved in your art. And food is an awesome subject for your photography: art meeting art in perfect elegance. I enjoyed seeing the end result: the diners immersed in the pleasure of delicious food, good company and conversation: art enhancing life.

jak said...

ah... Tilth was the first restaurant I tried in Seattle before relocating here from the Bay Area three years ago. the hospitality of the staff and the fantastic meal helped me feel good about the move north.

terrific shots. i love the story you've told with the arrangement of your images.

Rachel Hansen said...

Hey Clare, this is Rachel from Sasquatch Books with a quick request. We're working to boost our online presence and were hoping you could post a link to our blog on your site. Perhaps under the "talented people" heading? Or wherever you think is best.
Thanks in advance!

p.s. Love the new stuff from Tilth. It's gorgeous.

Sharlane said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love the collage image at the very top. I would put that on my wall, printed BIG!