Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TASTE, again

One of my favorite clients, TASTE Restaurant, is also one of my favorite spots for a good happy hour, (or dinner, for that matter.) So, I had to post some shots from my recent food shoot there. The food is deeeeelicious, and if you haven't checked it out yet, you should.

I am definitely a fan of shooting in natural light for food photography, but this most recent shoot took place at night, in order to create some diversity within the food shots I have already taken.
It worked out great. I used 2 Lowell Ego Tabletop lights, a reflector or two, and an assistant, (aka: Danielle Custer of TASTE who was more than willing to help with this shoot...and she was AWESOME) to create the lighting you see here.

I am pretty pleased with the results.

(Oh, and you see that shot of the gnocchi down there towards the bottom? The one taken on top of the article about TASTE that was featured in Edible Seattle? That GREAT photo of the executive chef, Craig, was taken by the talented Rina Jordan. She does lovely work and I want to make sure she gets the proper credit she deserves.)


Sharlane said...

Amazing! Love the light on the food. Absolutely fabulous, my friend. Fabulous.

dj leslie said...

I love TASTE!! I love going to the museum with friendsand then to TASTE for lunch or dinner! And I LOVE working with them over at the Sculpture park too!

Amazing photos there kid!!

Joan Leonard said...

GORGEOUS photos, Clare! Th ecolor, the design, the clarity is so perfect. And the food looks fabulous.

Art - Nau said...

damn just realized that I skipped lunch today

F (The Very Subjective) said...

I am in love with your journal!