Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I have an etsy shop! (And carpal tunnel syndrome)

I have a lot of topics to cover. And, unfortunately, I am not going to be able to do that in this post.

I am dealing with a horrible case of carpal tunnel syndrome on my right hand, so typing is really difficult. When I feel better, I promise to come back and write about some of the fun jobs I have had lately, as well as the tremendous success of Joe's and my  art "Salon", which was held at the end of October. It was awesome, and I am psyched to announce that it will be an annual event from now on. Since I can't elaborate more right now, I recommend you hop on over to this post and read Jenifer's words about her experience at our event. Her blog post was one of the highlights of the weekend.

Because of the event, I was inspired to finally, (FINALLY) create an etsy shop where people can buy prints of my work any ol' time. I have intentionally priced the work affordably, so that it's accessible to more people.
I invite you check it out by clicking HERE.

The holidays are almost upon us, after all, so maybe you'll find some gift ideas! :)


Laura said...

Lovely Etsy shop! Hope your carpel tunnel is better soon....

Sharlane said...

Dearest Clare, Do you ever slow down? Love, Shar

Laurel McConnell said...

Woot Woot! You go girl. Now I can get me a plate-a-lemons any time I'd like. But, dearest Clare, I'm worried... you may want to watermark those puppies... Some folks seem to think that because content is on the internet, it's free for the taking (um, true story. sigh.).

mvandyke said...

love the etsy shop!

for your carpal tunnel, my chiropractor solved mine with a technique called the Graston method. worked wonders!