Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Sorry, this post has no photos.

I just dropped in to say that my friend, Anthony, (yes, that's right, I blame you, Tony) made me join Facebook two days ago, going as far as posting my profile photo and responding to the initial friend requests because he felt it was SO important that I be a member. And now, just as I feared, I am obsessed with Facebook. OBSESSED, I tell you! I try to ignore it and focus on more important things, like, say, my husband or my home or business. And yet I keep finding myself wandering back there, checking to see if anyone has popped in to say hello or be my friend or what have you.

I fear I will never leave this computer again.


Gretchen said...

it's so addictive Clare! watch out it will eat away entire evenings.

Anonymous said...

It starts with blogs, then facebook, pretty soon you'll stop showering, no longer sleep when it's dark, and you'll cease being able to communicate without "emoticons" ;)