Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Jane, a super talented massage therapist and doula, recently contacted me about photographing her daughter, Anna. 

I have done more portraits than I can count but, really, only a few of them have been teenagers.
And, yet, I totally dig working with that age group. Years ago, I taught photography to middle school and high school kids, and I LOVED it.

It was awesome working with Anna. She's a sweetie with a great sense of style and an awareness of herself that's beyond her years.

Anna, I hope you like your sneak peek. You were the BEST model! 


Gretchen said...

totally too cool! They look awesome! Did she smile in any of them? Such a mark of her age..the not smiling..I remember it well. And now I love pictures of myself with the full laughter, big wide open mouth, wrinkles showing and all.

Nikki said...

Where did you take these? They're awesome. Pretty girl, too.

Joan Leonard said...

I think you captured Anna, Clare. She has a strong presence in the photos. The location is fabulous!

TheWiseSneeze said...

Pretty freaking sweet.