Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jessie and Nick

Okay, seriously, how CUTE are these guys??? Jessie, (aka: The Cutest Bride In All The Land), could not stop laughing through her photo session with Nick, (aka: The Nicest Groom In The Whole Wide World.) I had to post a bunch of the photos of the two of them together because, as I have already said, they are pretty darn cute.
I also crack up every time I look at the series of them signing the marriage license. Jessie could not get over the fact that she and Nick were finally married. So cute.

(By the way, while I LOVE and completely appreciate it when you send me emails about my work, I love, love, LOVE when you take the time to leave a comment on the blog.)

I'm just saying. :)


Nikki said...

Well, I will be the first to comment (really, Clare, you should tell us how you feel about leaving comments :) Anyway, I just have to agree that she is the cutest bride. Love the pics!

Unknown said...

Clare, what can I say? You are AWESOME! It was so much fun working with you! I'm so glad you were a part of our wedding day. I still can't believe that's us in the photos! Thanks for making us look so cute :) Thanks for everything, Clare.

Anonymous said...

What a delight to see th einteraction between Jessie and Nick. So much joy! So much love!