Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Road trip update: Reno and the Southwest

Joe and I spent Sunday night in Reno, Nevada, and I finally found a game that I like: roulette!!
I even won a little bit of money! Joe, on the other hand, was not so lucky. :(
We had a great time, though, and were ready to leave on Monday morning for our VERY long drive into Utah.

Monday was spent entirely in our car- 11 hours of driving, to be exact. The drive was gorgeous: we saw flat and desolate desert that stretched for miles in all directions, barren hills, gorgeous plains full of cacti, mountain passes at elevations of almost 10,000 feet. All of it was beautiful but we were very happy to arrive in Bryce Canyon, Utah just as the sun was going down.

Now, off for a day of hiking!

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Tina Di Mauro said...

very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!