Monday, February 18, 2013

photos from this past weekend

I taught 2 workshops this past weekend-- Natural Light Food Photography, and Food Styling and Photography, which I co-teach with my good friend, Becky.

The students were lovely and basically required almost no guidance from me, which left me lots of time to take photos of the same food they were shooting-- desserts, (by the way, that's a mini cake there....not a regular sized cake with a giant spoon beside it) mango salad, and a roasted mushroom salad with salsa verde that rocked my world. Becky's food is always incredible.

 photo meringue_zps0e378ae2.jpg
 photo chocolategingercake_zps5edd8880.jpg

 photo mangosalad_zps0b00066c.jpg
 photo mushroomsalad_zps44666e39.jpg

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Unknown said...

Beautiful photos!