Monday, August 8, 2011


Yesterday was a perfect Sunday.

The sun was shining, I had a nice morning with one of my closest friends, my dog snuggled with me for an extra long time. But, mostly, it was a perfect Sunday because I learned how to make pie.

I don't mean that I read a recipe and made a pie. I mean, I learned how to MAKE PIE-- from scratch, without a recipe. And I learned how to do it from the Queen of Pie, Kate McDermott.

I cannot find the words right now to tell you how amazing Kate is, or about the awesomeness of her class, Art of the Pie. My friend, Kim, did a lovely job of summing up the experience so you should read what she wrote.

What I CAN do is show you my pie. The pie I made with my own two hands, from scratch, after learning from Kate. It was the best damn pie I have ever eaten.

Take Kate's class. You will not regret it.

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kimberly said...

And, let's be honest here. Your pie was the prettiest - hands down. I think we would all agree. Don't get me wrong - all of our pies rocked 0- but yours was fabulous~ And can you believe how good they were?!?

Valérie (Franche-Comté) said...

Un pur régal cette tartelette délicieusement appétissante
Je te souhaite un excellente week-end

marla said...

Hi Claire, I am so happy I just found your beautiful blog via Helen. Sounds like a great team woking on Jeanne's book. Lovely pie :)

Simones Kitchen said...

Love your photos!! Just found you also through Helen.. Can't wait to see the final book!

Your mama said...

Clare, I am an experienced pie maker - as you know, right? - and you pie looks perfect and absolutely delicious, better than any of mine. And even though you are a perfectionist photographer, I can tell the pie would probably look great even if I took the photo. Will you make me a pie when I see you again?