Monday, July 10, 2017

a little retouching

"How much post-production do you usually do?"
I hear this question a lot and this is my answer:

I generally do some adjustments with brightness, contrast and, possibly, color temperature, (if I want to make an image warmer or cooler in tone.) In certain situations, I may also need to change some subtle parts in the image, (getting rid of distracting flaws in the photo, extending a surface or background that wasn't large enough, etc.)

See for yourself.



Sally said...

Hi Clare, I love looking at your work! (and always read/look at your posts!)

In this first example, do you use photoshop to extend the background? I am currently only using lightroom to edit, but probably need to learn photoshop too. This is one of the main problems I might have when shooting, and you tackled it beautifully.

Always inspired by what you do, and aspiring to do better work myself!

Thanks so much,

Clare said...

Hi Sally!

Thanks for your kind words. :)

For this image, I did some cloning in Photoshop to extend the background. In other situations where the background isn't big enough, I typically take a shot of the background alone in the same lighting and at the same angle, so I can "add" it in where it's needed at a later date.

Sally said...

Thanks, Clare! Very helpful I guess I have to bone up on photoshop. I've been avoiding it....