Wednesday, October 9, 2013

audrey's b&b, hudson valley new york

While Joe, Nina, and I were New York's Hudson Valley, we spent a couple nights at the most lovely B&B I have ever seen; Audrey's Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast. Not only were we completely charmed by the 18th century Dutch farmhouse with it's slanting floors, chunky wood beams, and original fireplace, but we were blown away by the welcoming hospitality extended to dogs and their humans. From the doggie towels and treats at the entrance to the off-leash policy on the entire property, Nina felt quite at home at Audrey's.

The breakfast was DELICIOUS both days, and we felt completely at home in the country kitchen making our own dinners later in the day. The grounds are tranquil and beautiful, and the furniture and dishes in the house are a prop-hoarders dream. I was in heaven and basically wanted to take everything home with me.

If you are visiting this gorgeous part of New York, I highly recommend a visit.

 photo audreys7_zps4f342575.jpg
 photo 008_zpsa478f5cf.jpg photo audreys6_zps04ff5af6.jpg photo 001_zps9c11a710.jpg photo audreys4_zps517774f3.jpg photo 005_zps2346d74f.jpg photo audreys3_zps7dd35d6a.jpg photo 003_zpsc7c04d0d.jpg photo audreys5_zpsec31a998.jpg photo 006_zpse0c41e9b.jpg photo 007_zps364649c1.jpg photo 004_zpsd5d3b9dc.jpg photo 002_zps523ea750.jpg photo 009_zpsf783d1e2.jpg photo audreys26_zpsbd25ea74.jpg

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