Monday, September 16, 2013

our 2013 cross country adventure

First off, I want to thank everyone who emailed and commented regarding my last post. Your words meant and support have meant a lot.
I am currently almost 18 weeks along, (due 2/19/14) and feeling pretty good most of the time. I still have my freak-out moments, but they're less frequent.
Joe and I are still kind of pinching ourselves that this is happening. We're having all the conversations that I am sure most parents-to-be have, and making lots of plans for the future.
We cannot wait to welcome our little boy into the world early next year. (Yes, it's a boy!!)

In the meantime, however, we are spending all of September on the road with our first child, Miss Nina Simone. You can see her below and how thoroughly thrilled she was at the prospect of riding in the car for this month-long adventure.
 photo 1185129_10201534341422589_487164667_n_zps964ed012.jpg

Road trips, as I've mentioned many times before, are pretty much Joe's and my favorite thing, and we've taken several of them. In fact, we plan on introducing our son to them as soon as it's feasible, but we realize that may take a little time. So, this trip is kind of our last hurrah before becoming parents.

We left Seattle on 8/31, and basically drove for the next 7 days. I needed to get to Vermont by September 6th because I had a shoot on the 7th. Despite the many hours of driving, though, Joe and I managed to fit in hikes and exercise almost every day.

Missoula, Montana....
 photo 1235919_10201539730757319_366364607_n_zps45c94818.jpg photo 1012500_10201539739957549_1162012386_n_zpsd1c3d8d5.jpg

 photo 1236173_10201559032199843_2131461226_n_zps74cd337d.jpg photo 1175259_10201559037639979_1935172200_n_zpsf4c7cf93.jpg

 photo 1017016_10201552842805112_1412845077_n_zps823420c3.jpg

I hate to sound like a broken record, but Vermont is pretty much my favorite place on the planet, outside of Washington State. I fell in love with it back in 2009, and have been back a number of times since, including last fall when I started shooting Rowan Jacobsen's book about apples.
This time around, I completed the last of the shooting for that book (which will come out Fall of 2014, published by Bloomsbury) and I did some other shoots for an awesome catering company, Bon Temps Gourmet, which I will be writing about soon in a separate post.

Joe and I spent a whole week in Vermont, and it was truly a restorative getaway. We spent almost every morning hiking in the woods, which was absolutely magical, and did a lot of reading, resting, and visiting with friends. It was heaven.
 photo 1235052_10201580149687767_675238123_n_zpsb043ab24.jpg
 photo 1234520_10201580150087777_550366017_n_zps2df8bdea.jpg photo 1236060_10201578343042602_1235379187_n_zps115d0388.jpg

The woods where we hiked...
 photo 999993_10201624104586612_1437362342_n_zps2ff5466f.jpg photo 1208882_10201624072465809_354206756_n_zps9c87a8f0.jpg photo 1238046_10201624099266479_1284094894_n_zps8d911930.jpg

The location of one of my shoots: Scott Farm (where they filmed The Cider House Rules.)
 photo 1237950_10201596663140593_1228408724_n_zps43b49271.jpg photo 1175535_10201624110906770_416489302_n_zpsfa25508a.jpg

After Vermont, we went to Bar Harbor, Maine, specifically because of it's proximity the gorgeous Acadia National Park, where we spent a day hiking. I'd like to mention that it's SO refreshing to find a national park that actually allows dogs on it's trails. Most don't.
Nina sends her thanks!
 photo 541825_10201635886521153_705586051_n_zps7562ef4c.jpg photo 1236012_10201635878400950_1608277508_n_zps3e4f1761.jpg photo 1236883_10201635874040841_981988351_n_zpsb39970b1.jpg

Now we are in Portland, Maine, which is a very quaint city located on the water. We're here for a couple nights and then off to the Catskills.
 photo 1185162_10201643887161164_1483359382_n_zps6a709485.jpg photo 14477_10201644389813730_717579225_n_zpsd637cf03.jpg

I'm planning on checking back in more regularly now, so please come back and visit soon!

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Joan Leonard said...

Clare, your photos are breathtakingly gorgeous. Really, I have a lump in my throat. The woods, the water, the magnificent shots of sunlight streaming onto the earth all wrap me in the amazing comfort of this beautiful planet. I want to drive cross country again, and remember this "good stuff". And when ever you sell your art again, I'd love to have some of these photos in my home. Thank you!! Be safe and enjoy your travels.