Monday, May 13, 2013

malts & milkshakes is on the shelves!

For some reason, I was completely in the dark about the fact that Malts & Milkshakes (St. Martin's Press) hit the shelves last month!

This was such a sinfully delicious book to shoot! The author, Autumn Martin, is a goddess when it comes to all things sweet, tempting and decadent. Just check out her insanely good caramel sauce and take home molten chocolate cakes. Or go to her cute dessert shop in Ballard and see for yourself. :)

 photo 247649_199741256816665_138045361_n_zpsaaa75509.jpg photo 264536_199741246816666_1390576334_n_zps13af623c.jpg photo 263103_199741280149996_1274496475_n_zpsb0d94e64.jpg photo 13090_199741260149998_1228552861_n_zps72300ca7.jpg photo 417943_199741283483329_1361259894_n_zps3bb28224.jpg photo 943207_199741306816660_1647924136_n_zpsfba393b1.jpg

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Libby said...

Love these photos.